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Oganov lab

Oganov ( born 3 March 1975) is a Russian theoretical crystallographer, mineralogist, chemist, physicist, and materials scientist. How can the answer be improved? The user are welcome to participate in the development of USPEX, in which case they will become its official coauthors. Postdoc CV ( RUS) Sergey Lepeshkin.
Oganov opened a laboratory at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology,. Since he is a Professor at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. External PhD co- supervisor. Oganov in order to be included in the common version. Postdoc CV ( RUS) Nikita Matsko. We found crazy compounds that violate textbook rules — NaCl3, NaCl7, Na3Cl2, Na2Cl, and Na3Cl, " says Weiwei Zhang, the lead author and visiting scholar at the Oganov lab and Stony Brook’ s Center for Materials by Design, directed by Oganov. Professor Head of Laboratory More. Using the USPEX evolutionary algorithm developed by Artem R. Oganov lab. Oganov, professor at Skoltech and MIPT, scientists from China and Russia studied a wide range of nanoparticle compositions and in. 2] Zhu Q, Oganov AR, Zhou XF ( ) Crystal structure prediction and its application in Earth and Materials Sciences. And in Russian " uspekh" means " success" - owing to the high success rate and many useful results produced by this method) is a method developed by the Oganov laboratory since.
Topics in Current Chemistry [ 1] Oganov AR, Lyakhov AO, Zhu Q ( ) Theory of Superhard Materials. Postdoc CV ( RUS) Vladimir Baturin. All new features that the users would like to implement will have to be sent to Prof.
Alexander Kvashnin. USPEX ( Universal Structure Predictor: Evolutionary Xtallography.

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